Every Community is unique.  Investing in Real Estate can be an excellent way to balance an investment portfolio, mitigate risk, and perhaps manage tax consequences.


Contact Andy to confidentially discuss your unique financial situation, expected returns, risk tolerance, and other factors as they relate to real estate.  There's nothing more fun or exciting than investing in Real Estate!  (Perhaps we're geeks?)  Sometimes people do not know all of the tax advantages in investments or perhaps investors do not realize the tax advantages of selling one investment property to invest in other like kind investment properties.   The savings can be amazing!

Andy, the Andy O Realty Group Leader, has been an investor for years and can help you evaluate the parameters that will help you determine what investments fit your needs.  His expertise can help you navigate through investing.

If you are thinking of investing or are already an investor, the market has strong investment opportunities.


  • Vacancy Rate
  • Capitalization (CAP Rate)
  • Net Operating Income
  • Effective Income
  • Cash-on-Cash analysis
  • Revenue Valuation Model
  • Market Vauation model
  • Cash Flow
  • Building Equity